Home School Services

Welcome to Home School Services of Upward International Schools.  Even though we assist Christian schools in various parts of the world, we do not neglect the educational needs of families in our local areas and beyond.

We believe parents have ultimate accountability for the child’s education.  The classroom is not the only option for parents.  There are some places left in the world where a government school with Bible-believing teachers provide an option for parents.  Other places have quality private schools with a Biblical worldview and affordable prices.  However, that is not the whole story for many families.

We will come alongside those parents who need or desire to educate their children at home in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.  We currently serve families in three countries with quality curriculum choices and affordable rates.

We are available for you and your family.  Simply contact us below.


The following services are available through our Home School Ministries:

Family Oversight:  This service includes permanent maintenance of school records and cumulative folders and well as consultation.

Oversight plus: Individual record keeping, consultation and curriculum needed. We loan you answer keys in order to save cost to you.

Full service:  Individual record keeping, consultation, curriculum and support. In addition to answer keys on loan we assist with assessment and placement.  Online help and additional resources at no extra charge.