Students may now enroll in remote learning classes with Upward International Schools. 

These classes are currently in use in Butte County and for hundreds of students in Malaysia where the Covid-19 virus has also attacked.  Students learn in groups joined by technology or in single family situations.

A variety of methods are employed based upon the student’s available technology and access.

Face-to-Face – live instruction, feedback, and accountability tools, i.e. Zoom, Skype, Whatsapp, and where technology is not available guidance and delivery of work and materials can be accomplished directly to one of our campuses.

Video – Abeka, Youtube, Whatsapp, etc.

Organizational tools – Google Classroom

Textbooks – Abeka, Singapore Math, Traditional Math,

Tests and quizzes  – standard and customized, Kahoot, Google Docs, or email.

Projects – shared with other students or only with campus, students upload video and photos from phones.

Structured work – this is not typical homeschool.  Students report to teachers who guide and hold accountable.

Personalized assessment, transcript recovery, and record management is accomplished by a real brick and mortar private school.


Original set-up, registration, previous school record recovery, assessment, personalized program development and class work including teacher time for the remainder of this school year (until June 15, 2020) is

one low price! $495.00

Additional fees based on curriculum needs including technology support, video, and textbooks, NOT TO EXCEED $250.00