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Pines Christian AcademyPINES ACADEMY is a private school serving 6-12 grade students and home schooling families on the Ridge in or near the communities of Magalia and Paradise.

Participating in a child’s education is a privilege and a godly

The Academy staff pledges:

* To nurture, love, and pray for each student
* To educate students for today’s challenges and tomorrow’s world
* To provide fair and consistent guidelines to instill self-discipline
* To lead them into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Class of 2016 Graduation

Congratulations to the Class of 2016 Ricki Buss, Annelise Krolak and Alli Benefield

Graduation 2015

Pines Academy 2015 Graduation


The mission of PA is to equip students with the tools to attain personal academic excellence through …

*classroom instruction
*computer-based learning
*specified essential learning goals

Students are encouraged to discover their unique talents and strengths to enable them …

*to be life-long learners
*reflective practitioners
*and productive self-confident citizens

The Academy assists Home Schooling families to meet the education goals that they have set for their students.

The Parent-Student Handbook, The Calendar and The Registration Forms for 2016-2017 are posted for your information and convenience.

Registration materials can also be received by calling (530) 873-1412.