We seem to have been moving from one crisis to the next but WE ARE INDEED MOVING ALONG!  We have survived 18 months of wildfire recovery on campus.  Over 85,000 meals have been served, over six million bottles of water distributed, 100 generators provided, mountains of clothes handed out, 300 school backpacks, cars and RV’s given away and, of course, schools being managed.  Praise the Lord!

In the current great issues of life, COVID-19, we are indeed moving along.  All our students, in three countries are involved in remote education.

In California we now have two schools, Lighthouse Academy in Paradise and Pines Academy in Magalia.  Students are working in their textbooks with connections to teachers and each other via phone, online video, Whatsapp, and Google classroom.  Others are invited to join remotely  to complete school years in an organized setting.

In Malaysia, our two Upward Learning Centre campuses, Kuala Lumpur and Selangor are connecting with their students via Google classroom, Zoom for live classes, video where internet is unstable, as well as Whatsapp and Kazoom for testing.  Personal contact with parents is important due to the inclusive nature of special needs students involved in general education classes.

In Kenya, St. Jude’s Academy, is affected mostly by the difficulty of teachers’ freedom to travel under the government restrictions.  Technology is missing and desperately needed.  Help is needed.  Please check out their story.  Click here.

Pines Academy

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