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Partnership Opportunity

Are you interested in expanding your education ministry?

We at Upward International Schools are excited about the future of partnerships with schools, learning centers, and organized home school groups in the important ministry of providing an exceptional education that reflects fundamental Christian values and a Biblical worldview.

We bring to the table forty years of experience in planting schools and churches in the United States and around the world. Recovery ministries have been able to provide education for their adult residents needing to build a new life that is employable, sociable, and Christian. Our staff provide professional development to UIS partners as well as consultation for groups desiring to provide education ministries.  Upward International desires to partner with those vision minded people with a Biblical worldview.

Where needed we provide all necessary academic transcript, records, and diplomas.  Access to our time-tested curriculum choices is provided as well as continued instruction in its use.  Credibility is important when launching a small new education ministry.

If you are an internationally based Christian education ministry, that is, school, mission school, learning center, mission point providing educational services, organized homeschool group or ministry, we invite you to contact us. We are currently consulting in 5 countries (Oman, Israel, Equatorial Guinea, Kenya, and Malaysia) with groups that have begun or are just planning schools, after-school programs or special needs ministries.

If you are a US based Christian church or mission or ministry educational program in the US that desires to connect worldwide, we invite you to contact us. This includes small church schools or churches desiring to begin education ministries, mission based providers of adult education, home school groups, or any other Christian education ministry needing connection with credible ministry structure.